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Placed in West Africa, Ghana is a remarkable mix of natural beauty, culture and history. From elephants and baboons to pristine beaches, green mountains, ancient looms and traditional art, there is a lot that should not be missed. Here are the best attractions in Ghana to include to your must-view list.

Mole National Park

Mole national park is Ghana big wildlife park and is placed in north western part of Ghana. In Mole you can imagine to view buffalo, elephants, roam antelope, hyenas and if you are looking lucky lions, leopard have freshly been taken to the park as well. There are also more than 252 species of birds to enjoy.

Accra, Ghana capital

Accra is a wonderful city with about two million residents and one of Africa harmless assets. When you in this country, you should never miss a visit to its capital city. 
In Accra, the national museum has stunning exhibitions about Ghana history and culture consisting the slave-trade and Ashanti Kingdom. There are some perfect beaches in around Accra, like Bojo beach, and Labadi beach. Makola market is colorful, shinning, and you can buy actually everything.

Volta Lake

Lake Volta is the chief man-made lake in the planet. A passenger boat, the Yapei Queen goes the full lake between Akosombo in the South to North Yeji. The trip takes about 24 hours one side leaves from Akosombo every Monday. You can book your voyage via the Volta Lake Transport Company. There are many locations to visit in Ghana.


A town in Kwabre East region, approximately seventeen miles northeast of Kumasi. It is also famous for the traditional Kente cloth weaving. Although there are a big range of oral histories concerning the origins of Kente cloth, scholars and historian agree that Kente Cloth production is an extension of centuries.

Cheap flights to Ghana FAQs

When is the cheapest time to book cheap flights to Ghana?

The climate remains mostly hot and sunny around the year but there are also few wet months as well. Best flights to Ghana time is during its dry season which happens in months of November to March. Finding cheap flights to Ghana can prove a hard job in peak season. Ghana tickets price is highest in the months of July and December. If you want to reject frustration, you should book cheap flights to Ghana advance.
The rainy season or off season falls around April to Mid-July. Fewer visitors book flights to Ghana direct in these months. If you have a strict budget then offseason is best for Ghana flights. You can get the top deals even in the months of August.

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Ghana?

Finding a highly regarded airline is simple when booking your cheap flights to Ghana. British Airways, KLM, Iberia and Egypt Air are a few of the main airlines that provide flights to Ghana Accra. You will find the price of your flight tickets will change depending on the airline, along with any further costs such as checked in baggage, so it is value checking a few to get the top offers.

How long is the flight to Ghana?

Depending on your travel plans, a normal Ghana flights could last from 15 to 30 hours. Although a few big carries fly to Kotoka international Airport in the capital city of Accra, layovers and connections are general for this place. Be prepared for at least a sixteen hour trip from NYC, and pack enough in-flight fun to stay busy on a twenty-five hour flight from San Francisco. If you are traveling from Cape town, guess a trip of approximately 11 hours. If you are traveling in Ghana London flights, expect a trip of approximately 6 hour and fifteen minutes.

When is the best time to visit Ghana?

Peak season
There is a pretty variation in the climate of Ghana all through the year. The average temperature hovers between 26 C to 32 C as the year progresses. There is a pretty correlation between the number of visitors visiting Ghana and dry season, which lasts from November to April. More visitors arrive in Accra through flights to Ghana Accra during these months than any other time of the year, mainly in the month of January. The country's sunny and hot climate is pretty welcoming for not just the Ghanaians returning home for the holidays but also explorers in search of fresh adventure.

Off-peak season
In May, at the height of the rainy season, visitors and tourists are the short on the streets of Ghana. The rainy season is not as high, and the showers just improve the air standard of the country, mainly in the month north. During this month, there might be some reduce in the prices of the Ghana flights and hotel, but do not count on that. The costs generally bounce back fast in June, at the starting of the summer holidays.

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