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Book cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria online and save money on airfare. When visiting Lagos you would not lack in things to do. This culturally diverse and amazing city provides something from everyone. From exotic sights to tasty food and cultural activities, there is forever something to do. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Lagos through great offers on Lagos flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Lagos Nigeria

New Afrika Shrine

Though the real shrine was burnt down, this replacement is operated by Fela Children is one of the top locations to visit in the area. While visiting you will have access to wine, snacks, and ice cream.

Terra Kulture

If you are close to Bar Beach, you might want to visit this arts center. The Terra Kulture center is housed in a building with a high bamboo roof that also houses a traditional restaurant known to be one of the top locations to eat in Lagos. There are a number of amazing dishes to pick from such as the catfish with pounded yam, as well as spicy soup. In addition to a bookshop, an art gallery. There is also a theater.

Nike Art Gallery

This gallery is operated by one of Nigeria’s most vital artists, Nike Okundaye. Here you will find contemporary as well as very old Nigerian arts. The charming soul of Nike is evident throughout the gallery.

Funtopia Water Park

Funtopia water park is a remarkable location to check out if you are looking for fun things to do in Lagos. This family park specs both outdoor and indoor fun with a big range of activities. The park boasts three huge giant water slides as well as three interconnecting pools, computer center and arcade for games. You will also find a table tennis and billiards center, plus much more.

Freedom Park

One of Lagos popular landmarks is Freedom Park, a former colonial prison changed into a park with fountains and ponds, food vendors, and an open-air concert stage, and venue for art shows. Some real displays detail the history of location,  formerly a slave trading port as well as historic prison. The park is placed in the heart of Lagos Island and one of the most famous hangout places in Lagos, serving as a gathering location for the community.

Cheap Flights to Lagos Nigeria FAQs

Which day is cheap to fly to Lagos?

At the moment, Wednesday is the most perfect day to take a cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria. Saturday, is likely to be the most expensive.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Flights to Lagos Nigeria can be made affordable if you pick a flight in the morning. Booking a Lagos Nigeria flights at midday will likely mean higher prices.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Lagos?

The best flights to Lagos Nigeria time is during the dry season from August to September or November to March. Many visitors also want to experience the Nigerian culture, so visiting during one of the festivals is advised, such as the Lagos Black Heritage Festival in April. Keep in mind that Lagos Nigeria tickets price can be higher during unique events so if you are looking for a cheap airline ticket to Lagos, Nigeria, it is excellent to avoid these periods.

When is the excellent time to visit Lagos?

Peak season
Visitors having a mind to spend their holidays on beaches while basking in sunny afternoons should visit during January and December. This is just the time of year when the rainfall comes to a decline,  and average daytime temperature is around 25 C. But on a common note, November to April is considered to be the dry season in Lagos, Nigeria and by default the visitor peak season. Traveling in these months would be right for your beach parties and outdoor sightseeing. Lagos is placed very much close to the equator and experiences the climatologists call, a tropical savannah climate.

Off-peak season
Anyway, for those not waiting to feel extreme sun on their backs should consider travelling in the shoulder periods, September and October or March and April. Occasional rainfall makes a magical spell in an otherwise dry climate and complements the mood of the visitors. Rainfall is pretty moderate during these months, and a low-season translates to fewer crowds and possibly Lagos Nigeria flights and hotel deals.

Cheap prices for Lagos flights by month

Currently, February is the cheap month in which you can book a Lagos Nigeria flights on an average price €535. Flying to Lagos in December will prove the most costly on an average Lagos Nigeria tickets price €844.

Which airlines operate Lagos flights?

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are two key airlines that operate Lagos Nigeria flights. Arik Air, has daily flights from London to Lagos.

Getting around Lagos

The cheap way to get around, other than on foot, is to use the Bus Rapid Transit system. Buses are usually well maintained, with reasonably priced tickets. For a more relax trip, there are rising numbers of modern taxis.

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