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Book cheap flights to Saudi Arabia online and save money on airfare. Saudi Arabia may now be packed with modern video game shops, American fast food chains, amusement parks, but several very old ruins and holy religious sites still like within this antique Kingdom. The top famous for Saudi Arabia religious sites, Makkah and Madinah, maybe off-limits to non-Muslims, but tourists of all religions can admire Abqaiq’s 5,000-year old salt mine and the pottery made by 8 generations of Jebel-al-Qara locals. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Saudi Arabia through great offers on Saudi Arabia flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Saudi Arabia

Masjid Al Haram

Placed in the city of Mecca, this wonderful Masjid Al Haram also known as the House of God, is one of the most holy places in the planet. Being the biggest mosque in the world, this holy mosque also famous as Kaaba is the important place in Saudi Arabia where Muslims come all around the globe for pilgrimage.

Al Masjid al Nabawi

One of the most vital symbols of the Islamic Religion of Saudi Arabia, Al Masjid al-Nabawi placed in Madina is considered to be the world’s second holiest mosque. This mosque in Sadui Arabia was built by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself, and raised up to its present stature, by later Islamic rulers.

Jeddah Tower

This tower was earlier known the Kingdom Tower and it is under construction skyscraper in Jeddah Saudi Arabia which upon its completion will be the tallest building on world. If construction goes as planned Jeddah tower will become the initial ever structure to reach the 1 kilometer height mark.

Al Tayebat International city

Al Tayebat International city, placed in the city of Jeddah, is the center of attraction in Saudi Arabia for many visitors, who are fascinated by its crafts and architecture. It is basically a museum where wonderful items are showed that depicts the past culture of Saudi Arabia. With three-hundred rooms in twelve different buildings, this museum made up of coral blocks and limestone, was the palace of a King Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil who was an extremely wealthy merchant.

Cheap flights to Saudi Arabia FAQs

Which airlines offer airline ticket to Saudi Arabia?

British Airways and Saudia are the 2 big airlines that provide airline ticket to Saudi Arabia direct, although you will struggle to find direct flights from anywhere other than London. There are different airlines that operate such as Qatar Airways, Etihad, and Lufthansa. Deciding which airline to fly with will ultimately come down to the Saudi Arabia tickets price and then your own preference. British Airways offer a complimentary service where you get drinks and snacks throughout the full cheap flights to Saudi Arabia. Qatar and Etihad are on the other hand are famous for being premium airlines and their aircrafts are to a very top standard.

What is the cheap time of year to fly to Saudi Arabia?

The May to August timeframe is the affordable time to be in Saudi Arabia. The weather report of the warm desert country keeps the over-thinking visitors waiting for chill months. Much to their surprise, Saudi Arabia is very advanced and modern country. Apart from getting in and out of your car, you would not feel the heat of the hot month in Saudi Arabia. Air conditioners blow nonstop in malls, cars, hotels and restaurants, motel and even some markets in Saudi Arabia, keeping the visitors and the locals cool. The low Saudi Arabia flights and hotel price during the hot months make this time a treat for those who want to keep their credit card payments inline.

Which day is cheap to fly to Saudi Arabia?

Saturday is current, on average, the affordable day to fly to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia flights on Wednesday will outcome in higher flight prices.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Saudi Arabia flights are noon are generally the affordable time of the day to fly to Saudi Arabia. Flights to Saudi Arabia in the morning are generally the most expensive.

How long is the Saudi Arabia flights?

Flights to Saudi Arabia direct provides seamless links that take approximately 15 hours from Atlanta, Georgia and approximately 14 hours from NYC. When flying from the West Coast, it takes approximately 15 hours to fly from Seattle and 17 hours to travel from Los Angeles.

What is the excellent time to visit Saudi Arabia?

The excellent time to visit Saudi Arabia is in between the months of October to March. Saudi Arabia is famous for its dry and warm weather. Luckily, if the visitors arrives in the country during the winter, the Saudi Arabia climate mimics the June weather of tropical place. The country can be a remarkable escape from the European frigid winters. During the October to March period, the average temperatures remain below 30 C with pretty to no rain, making this perfect for flights to Saudi Arabia time. So why you want to waste your time, book your cheap airline ticket to Saudi Arabia now.

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