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Ferry Mwanza to Ukerewe tickets online booking made easy. Ukerewe is the biggest island in Lake Victoria and the biggest inland island in Africa, which an area of about 530 Km. Ukerewe island is placed in the Ukerewe district, nearly 50 km north of Mwanza to which is linked by Ferry from Ukerewe to Mwanza, and it takes three to four hours to travel.

Ukerewe island is placed 45 km north of Mwanza which it is attached by ferry out of Mwanza to Ukerewe, but a little vehicle ferry crossing of only 3.0 km also links the island across the Rugezi Channel to a dirt road on the eastern lake shore, which runs to Musoma and Kibara. The shoreline of Ukerewe island is carved into lots of bays and it is surrounded by at least dozen little islands.

Ferry Mwanza to Ukerewe FAQs

What is the affordable way to get from Mwanza to Ukerewe?

The affordable way to get from Ukerewe to Mwanza ferry which costs $8-$11 and takes 3h 30m.

What is the quickest way to get from Mwanza to Ukerewe?

The fastest way to get from Boat transfer Mwanza to Ukerewe. Boat transfer Mwanza to Ukerewe $8 - $11 and takes 3h 30m.

What is the travel distance of Mwanza to Ukerewe?

The travel distance of Mwanza and Ukerewe is 55 km.

How do I travel from Ukerewe to Mwanza without a car?

The excellent way to get from Mwanza to Ukerewe without a car is to ferry which takes 3h 30m and costs $8 - $11.
The MV RAFIKI leaves the lake Ferries terminal in Mwanza center (close to the central police station) at 3:00 pm and arrives at Ukerewe island around 5:00 pm.  Ukerewe to Mwanza ferry tickets are priced at 10,000 tsh. The MV RAFIKI departs from Ukerewe island to return to Mwanza at 9:00 am.

Ukerewe to Mwanza Ferry Tips

Ukerewe is an island that can reached by ferry from Kisorya Bunda or Mwanza. The passenger ferry new Butina generally sails daily from Mwanza North Port to Nansio Ukerewe at 90m.

Mwanza to Ukerewe ferry schedule

It leaves Nansio Ukerewe for Mwanza at 2pm.