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If you are going to visit Cape Verde you actually want to know what the key highlights of the archipelago are.  With the amazing beauty and immense diversity it can be challenging to pick the highlights you want to see. Here are some of the best attractions of Cape Verde:

Fogo Volcano

One of the symbols of Cape Verse is the Volcano on the Fogo Island. The summit is placed at 2,829 meters altitude. On a clear day you can view the dynamic volcano from the nearby islands of Brava and Santiago. The dynamic scenery is as well for climbers as for spectators remarkable.

Santa Maria Beach

The Santa Maria beach on Sal Island  is sandy white beach and kilometers long, shinning in the sun and white sea in the background. A best location to swim in the sea or to enjoy a drink. Right at the beach you can also enjoy the top of the Cape Verdean cuisine, such as freshly caught lobster and tuna.

Pedra de Lume salt pans 

One of the most visited locations  is Perda de Lume on Sal with its salt pans. This is not for nothing. In 1833 this location is put to use to make salt. Colorful salt pans, old storage homes and the wooden fundamentals of the transport cable are still able to be seen.

Cheap flights from London to Cape Verde FAQs

What is the London to Cape Verde flight time?

The flight time from London to Cape Verse is six hours and four minutes.

What is the flight distance between London and Cape Verde?

The distance from London to Cape Verde is 2,779 miles or 44673 km flying.

What is the name of major airports in Cape Verde?

The seven big airports listed are all in London to Cape Verde direct flights.

• Amilcar Cabral International Airport

• Sao Pedro Airport

• Praia International Airport

• Aristides Pereira International Airport

• Sao Filipe Airport

• Preguica Airport

• Maio Airport.

What is the cheap flights from London to Cape Verde?

The cheap flights from London to Cape Verde way which costs $450 - $800.

What is the time difference between London and Cape Town?

Cape Verse is 2h behind London. It presently 08:50 in London and 06:50 in Cape Verde.

What is the name of halfway between London and Cape Verde?

The halfway point between London to Cape Verde flights cheap is Camacha, Portugal.