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Compare and book cheap flights from Nairobi and Cotonou with confidence on Cotonou, the economical and dynamic capital of Benin, is placed on the Southern part of the country close to the sea. The town is bordered by the lakes, sea, and Lagoons and has a lot of activities and sights to see. One-stop website for cheap airfares and flight tickets from Nairobi and Cotonou. Here are some of the best attractions of Cotonou:

Dantokpa Market

This big market is where beninese people go to shop for practically anything. It does not only serve to purchase products but also, to purchase souvenirs and any other general necessities you may need including an area to purchase items to make fetishes.

Fondation Zinsou

This is a non-profit organization aiming to promote education, art, and culture of people of Benin. They work in conduction with all the historical museum in Benin in order to offer a platform Beninese and tourists can learn about the beauty and culture of the country. They also have resources such as six little art classes, libraries, schools, and special bus excursions to help and ease the transportation to children of lower income in different country places.

The Artisanal Center

The artisanal center is a remarkable location to visit if you are interested in checking and purchase crafts and arts. The center has multiple areas built with an African architectural design. Each areas has specific craftsmen selling goods or sometimes making goods to be sold. The prices are affordable and the items are very special.

Cheap flights from Nairobi to Cotonou FAQs

Which are the most favored airlines form Nairobi to Cotonou flights?

Rwandair Express, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Air Burkina are the most favored airlines for cheap flights from Nairobi to Cotonou.

What are the codes and name of Nairobi and Cotonou airports?

The name of Nairobi's airport is Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, its code is NBO and the name of Cotonou airport is Cadjehoun Airport and its code is COO.

What is the fly distance between Nairobi and Cotonou?

heap flights from Nairobi to Cotonou distance is about 3940 kilometers.

How many flights Nairobi to Cotonou fly on the daily basis?

Around 19 heap flights from Nairobi to Cotonou. Out of which nineteen are linking on this route. Some big airlines between this route are Rwandair Express, Ethiopian Express, Kenya Airways, Air Bukrina, and Turkish Airlines.

Tips for cheap flight tickets from Nairobi and Cotonou

• The fastest Nairobi to Cotonou flight time is six hours thirty minutes. The average flight time is six hours thirty minutes.

• Cotonou, Benin is 2,445 miles from Nairobi.

• Chicago, IL - OHare International Airport is the most famous link for one stop cheap flights from Nairobi to Cotonou.