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Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is house to some of the top visitor attractions in the country. It is visited by 100s of 1000s of holidaymakers every year, making it a famous tourist place. Here are some best attraction o Nairobi.

Ngong Hills
The Ngong Hills are placed southwest of Nairobi, overlooking the Great Rif Valley. This hill are formed by an 8,070-foot high ridge and are covered by charming green vegetation. The slopes of the hill offer amazing walking trails, sightseeing scenery, and camping points.

Karen Blixen Museum
Placed at the foot of Ngong Hills, Karen Blixen Museum is a farmhouse that was established by Karen Blixen in 1917.
It showcases movies, books, and furniture owned by the Blixen family, and it is remarkable place to learn the story of the popular family and Kenya colonial age. It contains a shop that sells handcrafts and souvenirs.

Nairobi National Museum
Founded in 1920, Nairobi National Museum is a big building that houses a collection of traditional craft and art items, the remains of the early man, and taxidermied animals. It provides visitors a chance to learn more about Kenya culture, history, paleontology and art.

Ukunda Diani Nairobi Wilson flights FAQs

What is the flight distance between Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson?

The cheap flights Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson distance is 451km.

How many airlines operate cheapest flights Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson?

There are three airlines that offer Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson direct flights.

What is the most famous airline for Ukunda Diani to Nairobi cheap flights?

The most famous airline flying from Ukunda to Nairobi Wilson is Fly SAX.

What is the average Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson flight time?

The quickest flight time for direct flights from Ukunda Diani to Nairobi is one hours. The average flight time is one hours six minutes.

Ukunda Diani to Nairobi Wilson flights cheap tips

• Ukunda Diani to Nairobi flight generally take one hour and ten minutes for a direct flight anyway there are other multi stop choices accessible which take considerably longer but will offer the chance to see more of Kenya's natural wildlife and beauty.

• The earliest Nairobi Wilson flights from Ukunda Diani day departs at 10:15. The final flight of the day departs at 15:45.

• Your Ukunda Diani to Nairobi flight will take you Northwest to the amazing capital city and is 451 kilometres airport to airport.