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GIG Mobility Online Bus Ticket Booking

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GIG Mobility online booking made easy. God is Good Motors is a part of the GIG group and is the most technologically drive road transport bus company in Nigeria. God is Good Motors was one of the primary Nigerian transport firms to leverage on the advent of Smart technology by introducing online bus ticket booking and seat reservations via an application in order to make operation simpler for travellers. GIG Mobility online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

GIG Mobility Online Booking FAQs

What is the price list & routes covered by God is Good Motor service?

God is Good Motors operates in over ten states in Nigeria cutting across 5 of the 6 geo political zones of the country.

From Lagos to other cities:

•    Lagos to Edo (Uselu) = 3,150
•    Lagos to Aba = 5,400
•    Lagos to Enugu = 4,770
•    Lagos to Owerri = 4,095
•    Lagos to Yenagoa = 4,095
•    Lagos to Abuja (Utako) = 5,850
•    Lagos to Port Harcourt = 4,995
•    Lagos to Delta (Warri) = 3,870
•    Lagos to Kaduna = 4,200
•    Lagos to Uyo = 5,850

From Abuja to other cities:

•    Abuja to Edo (Uselu) = 4,950
•    Abuja to Aba= 4,950
•    Abuja to Kaduna = 1050
•    Abuja to Yenagoa = 5,400
•    Abuja to Lagos = 5,850
•    Abuja to Port Harcourt = 6,750
•    Abuja to Owerri = 5,500
•    Abuja to Lagos = 5,850
•    Abuja to Uyo = 5,850
•    Abuja to Delta (Warri) = 5,400

What is the contact details of GIG Mobility buses service?

God Is Good Motors, 228 Aba Road by Bori Camp, Port Harcourt

GIG Mobility Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

With their ever rising fleet, amazing service experience and their big route network, GIGM has become a household name famous for providing latest passenger transport solutions.