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      How to buy a sim card in Kenya

      Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is famous as the safari getaway. You can find the Nairobi National Park, plenty of shops, museums, and an amazing nightlife. Here’s a guide on how to get a sim card in Kenya:

      Networks, mobile operators and frequencies in Kenya

      There are 3 key mobile network operators and mobile sim card in Kenya companies including:

      •    Airtel Kenya
      •    Safaricom
      •    Telkom

      SIM card registration in Kenya

      Like most nations in East Africa in common, you have to register yourself when buying a SIM Card in Kenya. It is, therefore, advise to buy a SIM card at official stores and not on the streets, as the street-sellers may not ask for identifications or  may not process it right, which could lead to your SIM card blocked, or worse, you getting fined.

      How to get a Sim Card for visitors

      In order to decrease SIM related crimes such as fraud, hate speech, all carries are needed to register all numbers. This contains those being used by minors, those in devices such as tablets, modems and everything else in between.

      As such, you will have to register your fresh line before it is activated. To do so, the government needs details such as ones national ID number or other official identification documentations. Postal address, physical address and alternative number are also necessary in the case of some issues.

      The accepted documentation for SIM card Kenya:

      •    Passport, Military ID
      •    Kenyan National ID
      •    Alien ID

      Which is the best mobile network in Kenya?

      In Kenya, we have 3 big carriers, Safaricom prepaid, Airtel Kenya, and Telkom Kenya. Depending on where in Kenya you are visiting and what your connectivity needs are.

      In general, Safaricom sim card Kenya as the top coverage countrywide. They have the powerful network and strong e sim card Kenya speeds, even in the wild. Their rates are anyway truly steep matched to the competition. MPESA, their mobile money platform is also extremely largely used in the country. Merchants accept payments on the platform, you can use it to pay bills and Safaricom Kenya internet bundles.

      Airtel Kenya provides sweet airtel sim card Kenya data packages on a budget. Airtel Money is not as largely used so if you truly want to try your toes in mobile money, this might not be what you are looking for. Telkom Kenya is equally huge on data although their coverage is still spotty.

      When it comes to coverage both Airtel and Safaricom have equal power and scope and is powerful in big cities. Though there might be pathetic to none in rural areas. Telekom is the weakest in terms of average scope.

      How to get a sim card in Kenya conclusion

      Bear in mind to prepare your passport upon purchase of the SIM card and do the necessary paperworks. You can just do these in offical stores, hence it is vital that you purchase form one as you will need to go there anyway, if you buy Kenya local sim card elsewhere. This also make sure the legitimacy of the project and you will have the benefit as assistance as it is readily accessible in the official stores. Packages can be limited mainly when it comes to text messages and call minutes. So ensure that you go for something that will all match your needs.

      Kenya sim card price & travel tips

      Mombasa is also famous for its safaris, but they also have chill resorts and beaches.

      There are lots of parks and reserves to visit, like the Maasai Mara, Amboseli National Park, an d Tsavo East National Park.

      Mobile rates are low in Kenya, matched to the worlds average, which is why you should take benefit of it.