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Book cheap Aberdair flight tickets in Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia and Uganda

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Search, compare and do cheap Aberdair Aviation online booking in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Liberia and Uganda. A privately held group of general aviation firms, Aberdair Aviation, was originated in the 2002 year. With a pan-African client base, Aberdair target has forever been on providing high standard and secured services. While this aviation firm has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, its affiliated operators are placed in Uganda, Liberia and Tanzania. Having its Air operators Certificates, with the bases Kenya, South Sudan and Ghana, the aviation firm is capable to provide customised aviation services to a big range of customers from these popular Aberdair flight tickets booking.

Aberdair Aviation Online Booking – Flights, Routes & Fares FAQs

Aberdair Aviation fleet information

Fixed-wing aircraft fleet

Aberdair Aviation has a big range of fixed-wing aircraft in operation. It has 3 Cessna C208b Grand Caravan, two aero Commander 690, 3 Embraer Emb-110 Bandeirante and One Embrarer Emb-120.

Helicopter fleet

The aviation firm has 3 Eurocopter AS350 B3, and 1 Bell Helicopter 407 in its fleet.

Aberdair flight tickets booking tips

Popular Aberdair Aviation online booking destinations

Aberdair provides its aircraft to its customers in 2 ways – charter basis and turn-key contracts. This charter or ad-hoc solution is used for carrying out activities like sightseeing, aerial surveys, filming and medical evacuations. The aircraft accessible on ad hoc basis run from bases like Accra, Nairobi, Monrovia and Entebbe.

Although the firms flight offerings on charter basis are pretty popular, its prime target is on offering contract based solutions. On a contract basis, customers do not just have access to the hired aircraft but also offered with a maintenance, crew and insurance facilities under a scheme known as ACMI.

And not just maintenance and operation of aircraft, Aberdair is also engaged in a host of other things like consultancy services.