Seychelles holiday packages from Dubai

Seychelles tour packages from Dubai

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Find and compare cheap Seychelles holiday packages from Dubai online with packages. With over 850 species of fish and over a 100 types of shells, the island proves as a house to a number of big tortoises as well. Though human discovered this island in the early 1600s, they have been cautious and preserved the natural beauty ever since. The island is amazing and diverse and has people of African, Indian, Arab and Portuguese descent and also has its own castaways and pirates. So book your Seychelles tour packages from Dubai now and get the best deals!

Here are some of the best Seychelles holiday packages from Dubai places to visit:


A one-thousand kms south of Victoria likes the world's second biggest coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. Way back in 1982, the full atoll was designated by UNESCO for its rich biodiversity. And not for naught. The sandy white beaches and aquamarine and lagoons are a home to a number of aquatic life: coconut crabs, sharks, and mantra rays, just to name a few. And the world's second biggest colony of giant tortoises can be found on the island. So must book your Seychelles packages from Dubai now.

Mahe Island

Explored by the Britishers in the seventeen century, Mahe is the biggest archipelago of Seychelles and one of the most island for visitors. It stands as one real place and the largest island as a sheath of diverse flora and fauna. There are more than sixty-five beaches in Mahe with the significance of the highest mountains overlooking the shores. The bays and little caves the forests, everything about Mahe has definitely made the island a living paradise and the top location to visit in Seychelles. So book your Seychelles holiday packages from Dubai today to experience amazing place.

La Digue Island

The 3rd biggest island, La Digue is one of the top tourist attraction in Seychelles you must not miss to visit with travel packages from Dubai to Seychelles. Housing the biggest population, La Digue island have listed every adventure and thrill for the vacationers. Not just the beaches and boulders have made this place a wonder for visitors but there is a special wilderness in the area enhancing its natural bliss.

Bird Island

Birdwatcher should definitely plan a trip to Bird island, one of the best attractions in Seychelles. Nestled towards the northern end of Seychelles, Bird Island is a paradise where you can spot more than twenty species of bird and some huge tortoise. From the migratory to the Dungun, illes aux vaches or Bird island is a land of charm where you can spot the true beauty of nature with 
holiday packages from Dubai to Seychelles.

Best time to book Seychelles tour packages from Dubai

Book your Seychelles tour packages from Dubai between July and October since Seychelles provides the top outdoor conditions during this period. The weather is perfect for activities such as water sports and beach hopping, all with relatively fewer crowds.