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Here are some of the best attractions of Malawi

Nkhata Bay

Nkhata Bay is a natural hub and harbor for the local fishing industry. Placed about forty kilometers southeast of Mzuzu, it is also house to a bustling craft market. Here, the entrepreneurial and creativity spirit of domestic artisans is proudly on display. Browser the many tends along the roadside until something catches your eye. Masks, decorative bowls, personalized key chains, nativity sets and necklaces are just a few of the items accessible.


Since 1975, Lilongwe has served as capital city of Malawi’s. like Blantyre in the south, Lilongwe is a business center that has been seen big growth in the infrastructure in recent years. Lilongwe is divided into the New Town (North) and Old Town (South), which can make getting around challenging since there is a significant distance between the two. Taxis are accessible at almost every hotel.


Known as one of Malawi’s top beaches, Chintheche boasts perfect white sand and tropical, lush surroundings that may foot you into believing that you are on a Caribbean Island. The Chintheche area is famous weekend getaway for tourists as well as locals. A walk along Chintheche beach will show crystal clear water and different clustered rock formations. The Chintheche area has amazing accommodations for families and couples alike, as well as leisure and cultural activities. Farther south, Kande Beach is another charming stretch of lakeshore with camping, lodging and water sports.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Like Liwonde National Park, this famous park has made important strides towards sustainability and conservation. Since 2003, many species such as the black rhino, elephant, and leopard have been reintroduced to help make Majete a “Big Five” reserve. The Majete Wildlife Reserve is placed in the lower Shire Valley. It has a place of seven-hundred square kilometers and a big range of landscape of dry savannah, miombo woodland and marshes.

Cheap flights to Malawi FAQs

Best time to visit Malawi

Peak season
While Malawi stands 2 main seasons, wet and dry. Within this dry season starts in May and last up to August. Dry season in Malawi features cooler temperatures and wonderful green vegetations. Crispy fresh evenings call the visitors as well as the locals to explore the wonderful jewels of Malawi. Also, the cold and dry season is perfect time for game viewing and hiking; for landscapes seen much more superb in this time.

Off peak season
Although the global warning has made weather all over the planet so unpredictable, yet the recent trends shows the patterns of wet season followed by dry and cool in August. Temperature starts to rise in September with heavy downpours which causes a different level of humidity. Thus, apparently, it is less suitable time to visit Malawi.

Which day is cheap to fly to Malawi?

The affordable day to fly to Malawi is usually Tuesday. At the moment, Sunday is the most costly.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

At the moment, Malawi flights in the afternoon are likely to provide the top value for money for your Malawi trip. A Malawi flight in the morning will more often than not be of higher cost.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Malawi?

The price you pay for your cheap airline ticket to Malawi may change depending on when you book. For the top chance of an affordable Malawi flight deals, look to book twenty-one days in advance of your trip.

Which airlines operate Malawi flights?

There  are many airlines that offer cheap Malawi flights, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian, KLM and Air France to name the big ones. When you are deciding which airline to secure your Malawi tickets price it is value considering your budget and your preference. Once you planned on the rough period of dates you can begin matching a couple of airlines together to view who offers the top value for money on your cheap flights to Malawi and hotel booking.

Getting around Malawi

When it come to travel within Malawi, the top and most remarkable way to get around is by coach. Shire Coach lines offer continue trip between Lilongwe and other Malawi cities.

You do not necessarily have to book flight tickets to Malawi direct if you will be traveling from other points in Africa: Border crossing is not issue and currency exchange facilities are accessible on site. Cheap flight tickets from Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa are readily accessible all through the year, but all 3 countries are reachable by coach and travel to Mozambique and Tanzania by ferry can be simply arranged.

Taxis are forever a better choice. But ensure to get in one after having significant negotiations over fares. Rental vehicles are accessible for hire in cities: Lilongwe and Blantyre. You can book a well-conditioned vehicle beforehand.