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Cheap ferry Lake Victoria tickets online booking made easy. Lake Victoria takes up nearly 70,000 square miles and is shared by the East African nations of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Most of its water comes from several rivers that drain into it, and rainfall. The White Nile is the just river leaving the lake, and exists on the north shore at Jinja in Uganda, snaking its way into Egypt and Sudan before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. Here is the guide on Lake Victoria ferry schedule:

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How you can get ferry on Lake Victoria?

There is ferry on Lake Victoria operating from Mwanza to Uganda. There is a scheduled ferry between Bukoba and Mwanza, both in Tanzania.

What is the history and current situation of Lake Victoria ferries?

The first ferry on Lake Victoria started work in 1900 during the British Colonial age, from the port of Kisumu. The original steamboats were later changed by motor ships, some of which still run on the lake. Almost all ferries in operation at the end of the twenty century were decades ago. In 2018, most of them were still in operation. Newer twenty-one century built ferries made up the majority of all ferries on Lake Victoria as of 2018. The number of ferries known to be in business operation in 2021 was about thirty in Tanzania, six in Kenya and 5 in Uganda.

What are the famous ferries operating in Lake Victoria?

Operating ferries on Lake Victoria are largely Ro-Pax ferries on the simultaneous transport of vehicles, passenger and goods.

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