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Cheap Ferry Services in Lagos Nigeria Online Booking

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Ferry in Lagos Nigeria tickets online booking made easy. The Lagos Ferry service company or Lagos State Ferry services corporation (also called as Legferry) is a ferry service provider in Lagos state. Although Lagos ferry services commenced operations in 1925, passenger ferries slowly intensified until the 1970s which led to the establishment of the corporation in 1983. Besides lagferry, other private ferry operators also use new ferry boasts to provide commercial transport services between Victoria island, Apapa, Lagos island and lkorodu. Ferry services in Lagos Nigeria online ticket booking saving you money and time.

Lagosians are alert of this area benefit and restored to taking it every day to their place. If you are new to Lagos and you are wondering how much it cost to board a ferry in Lagos, do not hesitate.

Ferry in Lagos Nigeria Schedule & Fares

To commute freely within Lagos on sea using ferry, below is the Lagos, Nigeria ferry tickets and Lagos, Nigeria ferry schedule which might change on engine type and size of the ferry:

Lagos Nigeria ferry schedule subject to change:

Price list of ferry in Lagos Nigeria

            Destinations (Lagos)               Duration              Price(s) in Naira        
                   Marina-Apapa              7 Minutes                    ₦150
          Ikorodu-Victoria Island              30 Minutes                    ₦500
     Ikoyi(Fed.Secretariat)-ikorodu              25 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Ikorodu-Marina              25 Minutes                    ₦700
                 Ikorodu-Oyingbo              30 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Oyingbo              6 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Ebute Ero              3 minutes                    ₦350
     Marina-Ikoyi( Fed.Secretariat)              20 Minutes                    ₦500
                 Marina-Lekki              30 Minutes                    ₦700
                 Bayon-Marina              30 Minutes               ₦100-₦200
              Marina-Takwa Bay              20 Minutes               ₦100-₦200
              Marina-Sabo Koji              10 Minutes                    ₦100
              Marina-Badagry              45 Minutes                   ₦1000
                   Marina-Ojo              30 Minutes                   ₦1000
                Marina-Mile 2              45 Minutes                   ₦1000
              Ikorodu-Apapa              25 Minutes                   ₦700
                 Marina-Ofin              30 Minutes                   ₦1000
             Ebute Ero-Epe                 1 Hour                   ₦1300
             Ofin-Badagry              35 Minutes                   ₦1000

Lagos to Victoria Island ferry FAQs

Is there a direct ferry between Lagos and Victoria island?

Yes, there is a straight ferry departing from CMS and arriving at Falomo. Services depart every thirty minutes, and run every day. Lagos, Nigeria ferry tickets and journeys takes about 8 mint.

How do I move from Lagos to Victoria island without a personal vehicle?

The excellent way to get from Lagos to Victoria Island without a personal vehicle is to use ferry services in Lagos Nigeria which takes eight min and costs.

Ferry services in Lagos Nigeria Tips

Ferry prices may change mainly in the type of area you are boarding it or getting ferry companies in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has coastal benefit unlike many states in Nigeria and sea has become a quicker and effective substitute to the ever-busy roads packed with endless vehicles like ocean. Depending on the type of ferry Lagos Nigeria you want to take, you might want to pay for costly ones such as highly motorized engine that will take to your place in much excellent comfort and speed.