Tips on how to acquire Dubai visa from Ghana

Apply for Dubai visa from Ghana online.

Here is how to get Dubai Visa from Ghana. Citizens of Ghana may apply for electronic (eVisa) Dubai visa from Ghana online. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist places in the Middle East. Millions of people from outside visit this city in the UAE. From the tallest building to the biggest mall, Dubai is famous for its new culture and architecture. Below is some helpful information on how to acquire Dubai visa from Ghana.

How to get Dubai Visa from Ghana FAQs

Visa requirements for Dubai from Ghana citizens

• Kadi ya benki au ya mkopo kulipa ada ya usindikaji wa eVisa
•    A valid passport issued by the Ghanaian administration
• Kitambulisho halali cha barua pepe
• Uhifadhi wa tikiti za ndege umethibitishwa na tikiti za kurudi
• Maelezo ya kuhifadhi hoteli

Types of visa for citizens of Ghana

Tourist visa

Dubai tourist visa from Ghana are the visas granted to the citizens for entertainment purposes. These visas promise stay for a predetermined amount of time.

 14 Days

•    30 Days (Single entry)
•    30 Days (Multiple entry)
•    90 Days (Single entry)
•    90 Days (Multiple entry)

Transit visa

A transit visa is the Visa that last for extremely short period of time. Say you have a layover and you want to explore that city rather than spending hours in the airport, this is the visa that you need.

•    Forty-eight hours transit visa
•    Ninety-six hours transit visa

How much is visa to Dubai from Ghana 2020?

VISA TYPE                                            VISA FEE (GHS)
Tourist Visa                                             463
96 hours Visa                                         193
14 Days Visa                                          463
Express Tourist Visa                               571
Express 96 hours Visa                            301
Express 14 Days Visa                            571
90 Days Visa                                          952
90 Days Multi-Entry Long Term Visa      2320
30 Days Multi-Entry Short Term Visa     917
Cancellation Charge                              150

How to apply for Dubai visa in Ghana

•    Once your documents are ready, follow the procedures below for Dubai visa application for Ghana.
•    Download Dubai visa application through internet. Fill the form fully with right information.
•    Attach your passport photograph with a colored background.
•    Visit the Dubai visa application center in Ghana to submit your application form and all other helping documents.
•    Track your Dubai visa application through internet.

How to acquire Dubai visa from Ghana Tips

Citizens traveling from the republic of Ghana can apply for visa travel to Dubai. There are various types of Visa Dubai from Ghana that they can apply for depending on their duration of stay.