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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Luanda to Huambo Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Luanda to Huambo online now.

          Do cheap bus from Luanda to Huambo bus tickets online booking and travel Luanda to Huambo by road. Huambo is a city in Central Angola, and the Huambo capital province. It is one of the biggest provincial cities in Angola, comparable in size with Lobito/Benguela and Lubango. Once known as Nova Lisboa, it was designed to be the new Angola capital, and the beauty of that age is still apparent. Angola’s civil war took a remarkable toll on Huambo and its surrounding place, leaving most buildings in the city full of bullet holes. Reconstruction efforts have replaced the face of the city, and the economy is booming as business reinvest. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Luanda to Huambo:

          Bus from Luanda to Huambo Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          What is the affordable way to get from Luanda to Huambo?

          The affordable way to get from Luanda to Huambo is to bus. Luanda to Huambo bus fare $30 – $45 and takes 13h.

          Is there a direct Luanda to Huambo bus?

          Yes, there is a direct bus Luanda to Huambo. Services depart every 3 hours, and run every day. The journey takes 13h.

          What is the travel distance of Luanda to Huambo by bus?

          The travel distance of Luanda to Huambo by bus is 516 km.

          Fly or bus Luanda to Huambo?

          The top way to get from Luanda to Huambo is to kuruka which takes 1h 10m and costs $260 – $700. On the other hand, you can take bus Alto Hama, which costs $35 – $55 and takes 11h 30m.

          Bus Tickets from Luanda to Huambo Tips

          Several firms run bus lines between Huambo and other big cities. The most reliable are Macon and AngoReal.

          • Ango Real sends about three buses each morning from Luanda to Huambo and Vice versa – they leave when they fill up, starting about 5:30.

          • Macon runs buses on a schedule, both overnight and morning buses, and runs connections between Luanda and Huambo, Lubango, Benguela and Santa Clara. Cheap bus tickets from Luanda to Huambo 300 Kwanzas.