How to pay for things in Kenya

Looking for the best way to pay for things in Kenya?

Here are payment methods in Kenya and how to make online payments in Kenya. What is the best way to pay for things in Kenya?

Offline, mobile and online payments in Kenya

Best way to pay for things in Kenya

•    When shopping in Kenya cash is key. Usually, every place accept cash. Forever have little bills (Kash 50, 200, and 500) for little expenses.
•    You can also pay using mobile payment platform such as M-Pesa. M-pesa is the most generally used mobile money platform in Kenya. You will need M-Pesa for everything in Kenya: buying goods, paying bills, sending money, withdrawing cash, etc. best way to pay for things in morocco is M-PESA, quick, low-cost and safe way to receive, transfer, pay and store money. M-Pesa works digitally very fast, which means your family and friends, working travelling in Kenya will get them cash more fast than a traditional bank transfer.
•    All you need to have is a Safaricom sim card for your passport. Free registration at any outlet. Once your sim card has been registered, you cans imply active your M-pesa.
•    How to add cash to your M-pesa account: You can either withdraw cash from your bank account to your M-pesa account or deposit money straight to your Mpesa account. You must forever have your passport for you to get any services at Mpesa agents.
•    How to pay for things in Kenya: Mpesa is perfect since you will pretty much find it everywhere in Kenya including the most rural parts of Kenya.
•    Shopping on online platforms will be accessible with M-Pesa as one of the payment options  when using their shopping card on the site. Once customers pick M-pesa, they will then key in their mobile phone numbers will subsequently get a prompt on their phones to type their M-pesa PIN to finish the payment.
•    Online platforms users picking M-PESA as a payment gateway will have their total cost showed in Kenya Shillings with standard Lipa M-PESA Paybill charges use for each transaction.

Payment methods in Kenya with credit cards

•    Credit cards are accepted at most high-end restaurants, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and businesses, gas stations and also as preferred online payment methods in Kenya. Outside Mombasa and Nairobi very few locations will accept payment by credit card. You also would not find any ATMs outside towns.
•    Most generally accepted credit cards in Kenya: American Express: Visa and Master card is also accepted in shops and as online payments in Kenya.

Offline, mobile and online payments in Kenya tips

My advice

Forever have some small cash at hand get an M-pesa account. Do not carry much cash around since pick pocketting is general in Kenya.