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Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. It offers tourists an exotic taste of African tropics steeped in centuries of seafaring history. The beach resorts of Mombasa resorts preside over the strands that are palm-studded fringed by the glittering coral reefs. Tourists flock here to enjoy numerous water sports. However, the city of Mombasa itself is a world of culture and history. Discover the best Mombasa tour packages and attractions.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Tour Packages

Mombasa is also a cultural melting pot as it is renowned as East Africa’s biggest port. Chinese, Indian, Omanis, Arabic, Asian, and British immigrants have enriched the cuisine and architecture of the city and many temples and mosques grace the streets of the city. Below are some of the exciting reasons why you should visit Mombasa, Kenya.

Exceptional Cuisines

Once you visit Mombasa, it will give you a chance to experience all the delicious cuisines you can imagine. The cuisines reflect the seamless mix of African, European, and Arab culture. If you’re one of those who enjoys trying several kinds of foods, particularly the ones across the diverse cultures, you’d love to have a taste of some delicious Mombasa foods, which contain unique spices that you will surely enjoy.

A Variety of Historical Attractions to See

As mentioned, Mombasa is a place that’s rich in history. Vasco da Gama was the very first Portuguese explorer to set feet in Kenya and Fort Jesus was constructed in 1589. It’s the place you can’t afford to miss if you are travelling in Kenya as it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Luxury Accommodations

With the different luxury beach resorts around Mombasa, travelers can enjoy vacations through choosing one of the best coastal accommodations. The magnificent combination of sultan splendor, as well as the simple life of Swahili, will definitely get you mesmerized in Mombasa’s coastal areas. You may spend your holidays through relaxing on the beach, enjoying water sports, sipping great cocktails by the pool, and surfing. Every coastal accommodation in Mombasa tour packages offers unparalleled services and facilities.

Amazing Weather

Mombasa is considered a paradise in this planet due to the reason that its weather is good. The tropical weather can be advantageous to your health and perfect for your skin.

A Perfect Place for Shoppers

The medley of European, African, and Arab architecture and culture makes a charming scenario on the maze of Mombasa’s winding streets. There are tons of shops where you can purchase things including décor items, crafts, clothing, jewelry pieces, and souvenirs at affordable prices. The sandals that are made from Mombasa are popular and beautiful due to the fact that they are crafted from leather and beads.

Beautiful Beaches

If you are dreaming of a beach destination, Mombasa should be on your list. It has lots of stunning beach resorts where you can spend quality time with your family or special someone.

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Mombasa is absolutely one of the best places to visit in Kenya. It’s ideal for everyone who wants to try something new on their trip. Looking for accommodation and fun things to do in Mombasa? Find above the best Mombasa vacation packages.’s cheap Mombasa tour packages can help you save money!