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Find and compare cheap Zanzibar holiday packages from Dubai online with packages. Zanzibar, the exotic, romantic archipelago, mixture of Arabic nights and Indian Ocean indolence. Only fifteen minutes flight from the mainland, the wonderfully sleepy island of Zanzibar is one of East Africa best beach destinations, surrounded by coral reefs with idyllic beaches lined by big sweeping palm streets. Now you can also book Zanzibar holiday packages from Dubai easily. Zanzibar beaches are clear addition to a safari on mainland Tanzania, or should we say that a little safari is the clear addition to your Zanzibar tour packages from Dubai, with the charming Selous less than an hour away.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Zanzibar holiday packages from Dubai:

Visit Prison island

Prison island is just twenty-five minutes away from Stone Town. Once used as a location for detention of rebellious slaves and people with serious diseases, it is now covered into a visitor attraction so book your Zanzibar travel package from Dubai now to visit prison island. There are not just ginomous but also as old as 193 years.

Dine at Fordohani Gardens

When it comes to street food, your visit to Zanzibar is not complete without visiting the Forodhani night market. It is by far the affordable and busiest location to eat. You will find stands with samosas, seafood and grilled vegetables. My favorite would be Zanzibar beef pizza and chicken sharwarma.

Stay in Persian influenced hotel

One of the best things about Stone Town is the big colonial architecture, which provides a chance to stay in Persian style hotels. And the top part is many of them have their own, special character. It is value researching and investing in authenticity. It is like living museums dedicated to art, furniture and oriental ornaments. So book your travel packages from Dubai to Zanzibar now.

Matemwe beach

Matemwe beach village is mostly secret behind beachfront hotels and resorts on the east coast of the island. This is one of the island most relaxed places. If you want some quiet and peaceful area, and to escape from the world for a few days, Matemwe is the best place for you. You can also snorkel, fish and dive here.


Pingwe is also on the East coast, but additional south, by Chakwaka Bay on the Michamvi Peninsula. Again, the beach town specs a lot of luxury resorts, it is also a best location to watch the sunset from the beachside restaurants and bars. Anyway, expect things to be quite laid back here. So must book your 
holiday packages from Dubai to Zanzibar before visit.