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Placed off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar Island has became increasingly famous as a best tourist place in East Africa over the years and cheap flights to Zanzibar accessible. The Island is fringed by charming coastal surrounds, and packed with a big range of cultural attractions as well as special activities. It plays host to 1000s of visitors from around the area, and the world every year. It provides a best setting for a relaxing holiday – for solo travellers, couples, group of friends or families. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket to Zanzibar through great offers on Zanzibar flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Zanzibar

The Prison Island

The Prison Island is also called as Changuu, an Island is placed about six km north-west of the stone town. The big attractions on this Island are the monster turtles and the Slave Trade Museum, where you will learn more about the history of the Island. You will have the chance to view how the turtles are being fed in the afternoon. The Prison Island specs wonderful coral areas where you can snorkel after viewing the turtles and the museum.

The Stone Town

The Stone Town is the wonderful capital of Zanzibar and it is stepped in culture and history teeming with fascination and charm. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage place, famous for its different narrow streets that wind their way through a big range of houses, quaint coffee shops, craft shops, and art galleries. Explore the town on foot, got lost within its maze of very old streets and discover remarkable cultural experiences as you mingle with the locals.

Spice tour

Popularly called as the Spice Islands, Zanzibar overflows with spices such as vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and green pepper. A trip of a spice plantation is a wonderful way to view how the Island became a trade center in the eighteen century. Explore the plantation, which are placed between the northern beaches and the stone town.

Cheap flights to Zanzibar FAQs

Airlines that fly to Zanzibar

At the moment, no airlines fly directly to Zanzibar from the UK, Airlines that fly to Zanzibar from other places include Auric Air, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Coastal Aviation, Fly540, Precision Air, Mango, Oman, Kenya Airways, Tropical Air, Regional Air services and Zan Air.
Seasonal hot months flights are also operated by Atitlan, Akria Israel Airlines, Condor, Blue Panorama Airlines,  Neos, Meridiana and Travel Service Airlines. Some charter Zanzibar flights are also offered by Jetaairfly and Arkefly.

When to fly to Zanzibar?

There is usually no bad time to visit Zanzibar as the weather as the weather here is generally hot. Dry season lasts from June to November but it is the also the coldest time. March till May view the most humid season when the temperatures are high and best flights to Zanzibar time.

When is the excellent time to book cheap airline ticket to Zanzibar?

For the excellent chance of airline ticket to Zanzibar price, look to book 54 days in advance of your trip. Fares are likely to rise a fortnight or so before your departure date.

What is the main international Airport in Zanzibar?

Abeid Amani Karume international Airport is the big airport that servers flights to Zanzibar direct, as well as the Zanzibar archipelago. The distance is approximately five kilometers from Zanzibar City. The airport facilitiy is placed on the Unguja Island, south of center city Zanzibar.

International flights presently operate from the terminal one of the airport, whereas a second terminal is undergoing construction. Once the latest terminal is done, all the international traffic and flights to Zanzibar Tanzania, Zanzibar Dar es Salaam flights, and flights to Zanzibar Pemba would be diverted there and the first terminal would be used exclusively for local air traffic.

What is the best month for Zanzibar flights?

Currently, the affordable month cheap flights to Zanzibar is November. The most expensive month for flights to Zanzibar is July.

How much are Zanzibar flight tickets?

July is the most expensive month to fly from London to Zanzibar average cost US$ 1.009 per ticket and November is the most cheap month for flight to Zanzibar average ticket price only US$ 536.

Peak season (December to February?

As this is the most famous time to visit Zanzibar, you can guess to pay between 30-40 percent more for your flights and accommodation. Bear in mind that the later you pick to book your flight tickets to Zanzibar , the more you might pay.

Off peak (March to May and November)

Though you may run into some showers, booking during the wet season of Zanzibar could keep up to fifty percent on your flights and accommodations. Please note it is still best to book your Zanzibar flights as early as easy for the top deals, even in off-peak season.

Getting around Zanzibar

Getting around the Stone Town, Zanzibar historic center is just on foot. Outside the center, private cars or taxis are the top bet. Zanzibar hotel can arrange taxis but will include commission. Dallas-dallas are little minivans and cheapest than private cars or taxis.

Domestic Flights from Zanzibar

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