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Casablanca is the main entrance to Morocco, as it is home to the primary international airport. This amazing city is Morocco business powerhouse and industrial center, with a new swagger that is unseen in other parts of the country. Here are some of the best attractions to see in Casablanca.

Hassan II mosque

Being the biggest mosque in the full morocco, Hassan II mosque is a true marvel to look at. Magnificently built showing the sheer significance of Moroccan architecture, this landmark attracts million of visitors from all across the planet.

Place Mohammad V

Famous for the amazing luxury and relax services, Place Mohammed V lies in the modern half of the city. It provides to be the most amazing attraction of the modern part of the city with many photographic places including the charming fountains.

The Medina

Forever crowded with the daily hustle bustle of the very old lifestyle, the Medina never seems to disappoint any person. Providing the way to the Huge Mosque and permitting you to wander about the seaside, this old port of Casablanca is thoroughly enjoyed by every visitor.


Corniche is the beachfront area of Casablanca. The coastline is a luxury resort zone with several exotic luxury clubs and hotels.

Cheap flights from Rabat to Casablanca FAQs

What is the Rabat to Casablanca flight time?

Rabat to Casablanca flight time is around fifty minutes.

What is the main airports of Casablanca?

Cheap flights from Rabat to Casablanca land at Casablanca Mohammed V international Airport. Also known as Nouasseur, it is the city big airport and the business and large airport in Morocco. It has 3 terminals with the majority of the international flights presently operating from Terminal 2.

Which airlines operate cheap flights from Rabat to Casablanca?

A big number of airlines operate Rabat to Casablanca flights including: Jetairfly, Royal Air Maroc, and Air Arabic Maroc.

How to get around Casablanca?

Access between the Casablanca city center and airport is possible through highway to Marrakesh. If coming from Rabat you can also take the highway to Marrakesh. If coming from Marrakesh, take the Casablanca-Rabat highway. The airport exit is signposted and parking is accessible at both terminals. Passengers can take the train from the station below Terminal One, which runs through Casa Port, Ain Sebaa, Oasis stations and Casa Voyageurs.

Tips for cheap flights from Rabat to Casablanca 

• Casablanca, Morocco is 62 miles from Rabat.

• Paris, France - Charles De Gaulle Airport is the most famous link for one stop flights between Rabat and Casablanca.