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Morocco is a Kingdom that is full of culture and history. Million of tourist visit the country each year, and it is extremely amazing and safe place to tour. There are many tourist attractions that are best for touring in style, experiencing the wilds, enjoying and having your breath stolen by amazing beauty.


Placed on Morocco North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is famous among the citizens and visitors as a warm summer spot. Apart from the sandy beaches, the city walls covered in colorful murals also make this city one of the best Morocco places to visit. If you are here during July, do not forget to participate in the towns vibrant annual Arts Festival.


Placed at the base of Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is one of the imperial Morocco cities. This dynamic town is famous for its noisy atmosphere and striking environment and is also known as the Red City due to its sandstone structures. Tourist highlights contain the Saadian Tombs, Djemma El-Fna Square as well as little palm courtyard, botanical gardens and exotic bazaars. The city life is thudded with traditional dance gatherings, hustling street shops, art deco complex as well as the colorful, maze-like pathways around the markets that keep the visitors awed till the very end.

Mamora Forest

Placed in the vicinity of Rabat, the Mamora Forest contains big numbers of cork trees, along with wild pear trees, pine groves, and eucalyptus trees. The forest is a haven for a wide range of animal and bird life and is a famous hiking place for nature lovers.

El Bahia palace

Placed in Marrakech, this richly adorned building is wonderful example of the 19th century Eastern Architecture. Trusted to have a built as a home for Ahmed lbn Moussa concubines, the palace specs 160 different rooms in luxury decorate private quarters, courtyards with gardens and fountains and reception rooms.


Essaouira is a cross between Mediterranean and North Africa. Bordered by golden-stone city walls, it mixes bright blues and wonderful whitewash with flowing djellabas and the smell of species. Influences from Africans, Arabs, French, Romans all blend combine to make a relaxed, mellow beach town.


Casablanca, Morocco's business center, tends to come lower down on the tourism list, behind the likes of Rabat and Marrakech, anyway, the city's  French colonial legacy, entwined with the traditional Arab cultures, make sure there are lots of diverse things to do and view. Alongside the art decoration buildings, old stone medina alleys, guests can find palaces, museums, and the second biggest mosque in the globe.

Desert Tours

One thing to understand about desert trips in Morocco is that there are 2 desert spots, quite far from each other: Zagora and Merzouga. Since the most tours begin in Marrakesh, you need to keep in mind that getting to any desert place in Morocco will take a long time but there are lots of things to do and see.

Cheap flights to Morocco FAQs

When is the excellent time to book a cheap flights to Morocco?

You will find the flights to Morocco cheap either around November when the country's view a bit of rain, or during the warmest 2 months of the year. Either way you should look to safe your flight tickets at least two or three months in advance. If you have the luxury of flexibility and are not governed by school holiday or special weeks off of work then you will find the cheap flights to Morocco. Just matched different locations and dates. If your flights to Morocco takes you to Marrakesh then sitting on either side will provide you amazing views as you approach.

Which airlines operate flights to Morocco?

British Airways, easy jet and Ryanair offer cheap flights to Morocco and all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Easyjet and Ryanair will by far provide the cheapest flights to Morocco but at the sacrifice of relaxation. You also need to be alert when booking your Morocco flight deals during the summer as you might see the price of checked in baggage rise dramatically. British Airways are not the affordable airline but they are relax to fly with, and you can get free drinks and snacks throughout your cheap flights to Morocco which is an included bonus. Once you have planned where you want to travel to in Morocco you can begin researching and matching the different airlines to find yourself the cheap Morocco tickets price.

Best time to visit morocco

High season
Mercury, while increasing right after winters, calls the visitors to enjoy the beaches. As per the recent trends, the modern yet pleasant seasons of autumn and spring are top suited to explore the country in entertaining weather. Visitors activities are in complete swing causing prices to extortionate. Having said that, it is suggestive to book in advance and verify Morocco airways cheap flights reservations before departing from your home country in order to reject any inconvenience. June through October is pleasantly hot and dry whereas October to April is a bit icy.

Low season
None can reject the fact that every season brings own charms. The coastal areas get more sunshine, so, visitors can resort to soak up the weather at anytime of the year. A pretty smarter itinerary plan is all that you need to make the top memories. Even extreme weather situations have something amazing for the visitors especially for ski lovers. Pack your hot clothes in winter and brace yourself for a adventurous skiing season in December till February. And more yet, you can still get to discover the country architecture by booking your stay anywhere in affordable rates.

Getting around in Morocco

Casablanca is the center for Roya Air Maroc, it competently operate frequencies nationwide in nominal rates. It needs as low as half hour to commute within quick cities by air. Transportation system in Morocco is quite much well developed. Railway is linking the big cities which are the simpler mode of transport.


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