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Nairobi was founded in 1899 as a railway camp. Today it is pretty westernized, one of Africa's big cities and is the capital of Kenya.  The capital city of Kenya, provides many best times to its residents and visitors. The National Museum provides some amazing education, but most visitors pass through Nairobi as a gateway to the National Parks and safari experience/wildlife encounter are just outside the city.

Here are fun locations to visit in Nairobi that will provide you lifetime memories:

Nairobi National Park

You do not need to leave Nairobi for a safari thrill, the city has it all. Nairobi National Park provides wildlife experience to both visitors and locals. It is home to many animal species such as Lion, Elephants, and Rhino and many others. The park is a location where you can get a chance to view animals in their natural African surroundings.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

At the main gates of this park, this orphan-elephant rescue and treatment program is a must-view for animal lovers. Daphne Sheldrick founded the project in 1977 in memory of her late husband David, an ex-warden at Tsavo East National Park. The center cares for young abandoned rhino and elephants and works to release the animals back into the wild. You can commune with these adorable creatures as they frolic in the mud and drink from big baby bottles.

Karen Blixen Museum

The museum occupies the room where Karen Blixen lived, and it also homes a gallery featuring Karen Blixen paintings and drawings, a documentary exhibit on her work and life, a film screening, a library, a cafe, room, a museum shop, and a auditorium used for lectures and unique exhibitions.

Nairobi National Museum

The National Museum in Nairobi is a learning way to spend a few hours a city stopover. The museum shows diverse natural and cultural history exhibits including more than nine-hundred stuffed mammals and birds, fossils from Lake Turkana, ethnic shows from different Kenyan tribal groups, and exhibits of domestic art.

Cheap flights to Nairobi FAQs

When to fly

If you are traveling to Nairobi to visit the wonderful Nairobi National Park then you may want to book cheap flights to Nairobi during the high season, which is July through March. This is when over 100,000 tourists come to catch a glimpse of the Kenyan wildlife in its natural habitat. It is top to avoid the rainy months of October to December and March to May. Further, when you plan to visit to the park you may want to book flights to Nairobi direct a tour early or late in the day as these are the top viewing times. 

Which is the main international airport in Nairobi?

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the big Nairobi airport. It is placed at an approximate distance of fifteen kilometres or nine miles southeast of Nairobi's central business area. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is receiving airport for cheap flights to Nairobi.

When can I find the cheapest flight to Nairobi?

One is likely to find the cheap flights to Nairobi in May, the low season for visitors. The possibilities are that airlines may throw a Nairobi flight deals or some last-minute Nairobi flights and hotel offer to attract tourism during the low season. For those travelling on a budget, this is the best flights to Nairobi time. 

Getting around Nairobi

Care hire is a choice in Nairobi, but rush hours are very busy and other roads users can drive riskily. The deficiency of road signs can make navigating hard. Prices should be agreed beforehand with taxis. Matatus are public minibus operating between the suburbs and city center, they can be overcrowded, badly driven and theft is a worry.
Tourists should forever keep valuables out of sight, especially if travelling on matatus, and stay alert for scams and thieves. Big amounts of money should not be carried and walking around at night is not advised - use only taxis where easy. Areas and slums such as Eastleigh should be rejected.

Getting downtown

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the key airport in Nairobi. It is placed approximately nine miles from the central business area. Wilson Airport is a little airport serving mainly local places. Pre-paid vouchers for official taxis can be received at the taxi service desk. Many Nairobi flights and hotel also provide airport pick-up. Other shuttle services and taxis can be booked in advance but check their status before booking.

Tips for Kenya Airways Cheap Flights to Nairobi

• Famous airlines that visitors pick fly to Nairobi are Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, SN Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and KLM.

• Jomo Kenyatta International Airport accommodates for flights from and to Nairobi.

• Both Kenya Airways and British Airways operate 1 direct flight to Nairobi daily.

• Qatar Airways operate 5 flights daily to Nairobi.

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